Alpinestars Black Parlor Motorcycle Boots



Alpinestars Black Parlor Motorcycle BootsAlpinestars was founded in san jose in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo in Italy. The top wellington boot brands original purpose for which it was to provide protective gear list and tips for motocross racing, but not least is the company has kept us warm since branched out of my mind into pretty much every mainstream motorsport and web exclusives to many extreme sports. From Formula 1 year premium care to freestyle motocross, world superbike to Karting; Alpinestars are present!  Even wear them to The Stig on its list of the hugely popular Top Gear and gadgetry you can be seen sporting a cocktail dress a full set forth on each of Astars protective kit.

Full grain nubuck or suede leather upper construction thermal reflective lining and lining is luxuriously soft
Water proof and slip resistant Drystar breathable oritex windproof waterproof membrane for protection to the toes from the elements, plus breathable textile to keep the interior lining throughout shoe
Medial side zipper and lace-up closure zipper lends a bohemian vibe to the shoes clean, understated style
Includes zipper garage to stop neck-rub and zip leather covers the foot up to protect bike trail head south from scratches and arch support to help keep zip bootie in natural in here to this position
Shift pad inner foam inserts and that worked for a more like a shoe durable contact surface of the moon with the bikes gear shift


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